Now that most TV programs are back from winter hiatus, we’re getting far closer to the time that the various networks across the board are making decisions about whether or not TV programs will be coming back next year. First-year programs are especially vulnerable to the whims of networks, as they are trying to build a brand new audience in a market that has way more original content than it used to. Luckily, there are some freshmans shows that are doing just peachy in the ratings, leading to early renewals or at least what seems to be a vote of confidence for the network. Here are the 14 first season TV shows that definitely won’t be getting cancelled this year.

Supergirl, CBS
Status: Doing very well in the ratings.
What You Need To Know: Alright, we know Supergirl isn’t doing The Big Bang Theory-level ratings. However, while the show had some ratings ups and downs at the beginning, Supergirl’s ratings were always pretty good—just not quite as high as the lofty heights set by the premiere. In the weeks since, Supergirl producer Andrew Kreisberg has said the show has had time to work some of the kinks out, and with the Martian Manhunter twist, the drama has finally hit its stride. Expect it to be around next year.

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