The nineties were a time for fashion innovation, for colorful prints and ripped up jeans, for over-the-top hats and socks that matched your shoes. Looking back now, a lot of the stuff that people wore has not held up, but television is a great reminder of the things that worked and the things that didn’t back in the day. And while the likes of Will Smith could pull off a neon green baseball cap on Fresh Prince, a neon mumu dress with feathers on the sleeve may not have been Mimi’s best look on The Drew Carey Show. Today, we’ve looked at a ton of TV characters from the nineties, bringing you the list of the ones who dressed the most outrageously. Check ‘em out, below.

Peg bundy
Peg Bundy, Married With Children
When thinking of outrageous nineties dressers, Peg Bundy immediately comes to mind. In fact, the Married with Children mom may in fact be the wildest TV dresser of all time. Favoring huge hair, bold prints and tight, tight clothing, Bundy would stand out in a crowded room—and not always in a great way.

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