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The David E. Kelley Wonder Woman series that seemed doomed as recently as January is moving along nicely, with Friday Night Lights veteran Adrianne Palicki set to star as Diana Prince and production still moving forward. Now they've added another improbably gorgeous woman to the cast, but this one's going to be a baddie. The news comes from the relatively unlikely source of Elizabeth Hurley's twitter account, where the English actress and model announced she's doing the Wonder Woman pilot for NBC, and will play "the evil villain."

As for which villain Hurley will be playing, you can kind of take your pick-- Wonder Woman's rogue's gallery includes far more females than most superheroes, which makes sense given the weird feeling of seeing a man try to beat up a woman. No matter who she winds up playing, though, I love that Hurley is on board. It's easier to imagine her having played Wonder Woman herself when she was younger, and now that she's a little older but still improbably beautiful, she'll make an excellent arch-rival to the heroine.

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