ABC Execs Tell Rob Lowe To Stop Being So Tan

Rob Lowe has been ordered, by the president of ABC no less, to stop being so damn tan. Good. It’s about time we stop obsessing over the female stars and needlessly extend that rudeness to the men. Not that I care, but Lowe says he isn’t going tanning to become Hamiltonesque. He’s just an outdoorsy sort of fellow.

Lowe told Contact Music, ”I got a phone call from the president of ABC who said, ‘You’re getting too dark. Seriously, stay of the sun.’ I go, ‘I’m not tanning. I’m active. I surf and I kayak.” Lowe then goes on to jokingly (I assume this is the case) blame his costars for making him look darker than he is.

In any case, now that his character on Brothers & Sisters has had a heart attack it might be prudent to look a little paler than normal. Or perhaps the big wigs at ABC just like to make Lowe have to wear an inch of sunscreen and a hat with a chin strap.

Steve West

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.