Following tonight’s primetime Olympic footage, NBC will air a special debut presentation of the upcoming sitcom About A Boy. The single camera comedy is an adaptation of Nick Hornby’s beloved book About A Boy. It was created for the screen by Parenthood and Friday Night Lights showrunner Jason Katims, and the network is clearly hoping it, along with Growing Up Fisher, will push NBC into a new era of comedy. Unfortunately, there’s just one little elephant in the room.

Lead actor David Walton, who is undeniably handsome, charismatic and likeable, has been down this road before—like more than five times before, and every single time, the show in question hasn’t exactly stuck around. Was he the problem with those cancelled programs? No. He continues to get work, but for whatever reason, he just can’t buy a hit where he’s a lead character. And he’s not the only one. Hollywood is filled with wonderful talents who keep taking cracks at television shows, only to see every effort come up a little short.

Here are six actors who just can’t break through on television, regardless of how hard TV executives keep pushing them.

Geoff Stults
Many of us would probably like to believe that Fox’s short-lived series The Finder marks the beginning of handsome leading man Geoff Stults’ problems on television. In truth, he’s been the kind of guy that always gets work, but never manages to entice an audience for more than a season or so. After a successful stint as a side character on 7th Heaven in the mid-2000s, Stults began nabbing bigger roles, starring in the 2007 ABC drama October Road and the 2010 drama Happy Town.

After those programs failed to gain any traction, the man hopped networks for the aforementioned The Finder, a sort-of spinoff for Fox’s hit, Bones. That gig raised the actor’s profile for TV aficionados and helped him to nab a pretty big role on Ben & Kate (cancelled) and Enlisted (likely to be cancelled). Which means that thus far, Stults’ most impressive role has been on October Road, which actually did manage to nab a second season on ABC. He has the self-assurance and acting finesse to make it with the right role, but for whatever reason, it just hasn’t come along yet.

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