It’s hard to believe that it’s been twelve years since I first started hating the Maroon 5 song “She Will be Loved,” but so it goes. Since those early days, lead singer Adam Levine has become his own cottage industry, and he’s about to add the role of TV producer to resume. NBC has given a script commitment to Kids in America, a single-camera series which will take a humorous look back at Levine’s younger days, when fame was just a dot on the horizon.

Kids in America, a title that couldn’t be more generic if there was a law stating it had to be, will be inspired by Levine’s youth and “centers on an unconventional family as seen through the eyes of a teenager with the dream of becoming a rock star.” There’s no word in Deadline’s announcement whether this story would have a modern day setting or if it would take place in the 1990s when Levine was going through his teenage years. Can we expect some Tag Team and Soul Asylum references as Surrogate Adam Levine tries to carve a path to musical stardom?

Levine’s 222 Productions will be heading the project, with the script penned by former Family Guy writer Aaron Blitzstein. Regardless of how you feel about Fox’s long running animated sitcom, it’s hard to deny Blitzstein’s comedic talents, as he’s also written for Late Show With David Letterman, Cartoon Network’s Mad, The Riches and Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins. His involvement makes me feel a little more optimistic about this project.

This is hardly the first time Levine has tried to bring his past to the forefront of television comedy. He and best friend/former roommate Gene Hong have tried getting a project about their lifelong friendship off the ground at NBC to no avail, as well as a series about karaoke singers. Levine also had the rock n’ roll drama American Splendor out there at one point. Will the fourth time be the charm here, or does he need to get to (maroon) five in order to make magic happen?

Even if this series also doesn’t pan out past the script stage, Levine is still a mainstay on NBC’s The Voice, and he was recently seen in his first feature film role for John Carney’s musical drama Begin Again. And Maroon 5 released their newest album, V, on August 29. Here’s Levine advertising the new single in a spectacularly bloody fashion.

Keep an ear out for more news about Kids in America as we hear it. Maybe it’ll change its name by the time we talk about it again to something more interesting, like A Comedy Series with Music in It.

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