Adult Swim's Rick And Morty Gets Renewed For A Second Season

If you're not already watching Adult Swim's Rick and Morty you are doing something wrong. Created by Community's Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland (who also voices the two titular characters), the show has been delivering some of the best sci-fi adventure on television since it premiered at the start of last December, and - perhaps more importantly - every single episode has been hysterically funny. As a fan, I couldn't be more excited to see what's in store for the rest of the series' first season, but I'm even more excited to announce that whatever winds up happening will not be the end. Adult Swim has announced that Rick and Morty will be back for a second season. Commenting on the renewal in an official statement, Harmon joked about the competition between the ratings-challenged Community and The Big Bang Theory saying,

"I am excited to make as much Rick and Morty as Adult Swim allows, and I'm relieved to be in a time slot of no strategic value to CBS."

Essentially a riff on Back To The Future (Rick and Morty basically equals Doc and Marty), the series follows the young, unintelligent Morty as he gets dragged into all kinds of various adventures with his grandfather Rick, a super scientist who also happens to be a remarkably sloppy alcoholic and sociopath. Together they get up to all kinds of wacky hijinks, from crossing into strange alternate dimensions, to genetically altering the entire world. In addition to Roiland voicing the the two leads, the voice cast also includes Scrubs' Sarah Chalke as Beth, Morty's mother/Rick's daughter; Archer's Chris Parnell as Jerry, Morty's father/Rick's son-in-law; and Spencer Grammer as Summer, Morty's sister/Rick's granddaughter. Six episodes have already aired, and five more are scheduled to come between now and the finale.

Airing on Mondays at 10:30pm EST/PST, the show has performed very well in its timeslot, beating out other programs on Comedy Central, MTV, Nick at Nite that air at the same time. What's more, with each new episode the ratings have been growing.

It's important to know going into the show that things get really insane and weird, but I truly couldn't recommend it more highly. All of the episodes are available from Adult Swim on YouTube for $1.99, but you can actually watch one of them for free below. In this one, which was aired right around Christmas, Rick invites Morty to help him in his quest to build a microscopic theme park inside of a train yard hobo. Things go really bad, however, when things take a Jurassic Park-like turn. Check it out and tell us what you think in the comments section below!

Eric Eisenberg
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