Adventure Time, Robot Chicken, Dallas And More Added To Netflix Streaming

Netflix is getting a lot more fun with its latest crop of new additions.

Adventure Time! Come on and grab your friends…

As previously announced, the streaming video subscription service has secured deals with Turner's Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, which means Adventure Time, Robot Chicken, Regular Show and a number of other great animated and live-action series are now available to streaming subscribers. The announcement also included word that the first season of TNT's Dallas is now available streaming.

Pause for a second to do a little dance!

Effective April 1 - this is no April Fools' joke - Netflix has announced that they are now streaming past seasons of Adventure Time, Ben 10, Regular Show, Johnny Bravo and Warner Bros. Animation's Green Lantern. They've also added Adult Swim's Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sony Pictures Television's The Boondocks and WBTVG's Studio 2.0's Childrens Hospital.

Before you start panicking, trying to figure how how you're going to watch all of these shows at once, it looks like - for most of them - only the first seasons of each are available. Childrens Hospital's first two seasons are available. That's still hours of great new content for Netflix subscribers. I've personally wanted to check out Regular Show, which is frequently advertised during Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. And hopefully we'll see the service start rolling out later seasons of the series going forward.

This news is so exciting, it might make you want to puncha-yo-buns!

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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