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Among the latest offerings from J.J. Abrams and Fringe creator J.H. Wyman is Almost Human, a futuristic buddy cop drama with some great looking sci-fi elements. The series is set a few decades into the future when cops are partnered with humanoid robots. The trailer does a great job of laying the scene and introducing us to the lead characters. The first is John Kennex (Karl Urban), a cop who survived a catastrophic attack on the police department, though he lost a leg in the ordeal. The limb was replaced with a highly sophisticated synthetic appendage, which is just one example of how far technology has advanced in this future. The trailer reveals that Kennex isn't a fan of the human-like robots he's forced to work with. That's likely at least partially due to how one of them left him and his partner high and dry during the attack that cost him his leg.

And then we're introduced to Michael Ealy's Dorian or DRN, a discontinued model of the androids, which apparently has a bit more human in him than the other androids, setting him apart from his more logical brethren. Kennex's boss, Captain Sandra Maldonado (Lily Taylor), seems to think Dorian is just the partner for Kennex. And maybe she's right. The cast also includes Minka Kelly and Michael Irby,

I'm hopeful that Almost Human lives up to its potential. I love the look of it, and I think there's great potential for some interesting chemistry between the two leads as man pairs with machine. Added to the suspense and action that this cop drama may deliver, there's also an opportunity to explore humanity from multiple perspectives.

Fox has Almost Human set to air on Monday nights this fall.

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