Dave Coulier Will Return For The Full House Revival

If you thought that you were going to make it through Netflix’s upcoming sitcom revival Fuller House without hearing any Popeye or Bullwinkle impressions, you need to cut…it…out. (Kind of like how that catchphrase needs to stop existing.) Full House’s Dave Coulier has announced he will definitely be a part of the reunion as that lovably goofy surrogate uncle Joey Gladstone.

Here’s how Coulier made his declaration to the world, through Instagram, standing next to veteran TV director Mark Cendrowski, who has directed a slew of Big Bang Theory episodes, as well as a handful of eps from The Odd Couple reboot.

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There were fewer doubts about Coulier’s involvement than there are about John Stamos’ hair being perfect, but it’s still a good sign that he made the announcement less than three weeks after the initial series order, which seems to indicate that the behind-the-scenes negotiations are going well. A Full House without Joey would be like a woodchuck without any…wood.

That said, I sincerely hope he isn’t a ventriloquist kids’ show host anymore. Since Star Search isn’t a thing these days, how likely do you think it’ll be that Joey finds himself on America’s Got Talent or Last Comic Standing or some other performance-based reality competition made up specifically for Fuller House? It seems highly unlikely that he’ll just be a paper-pusher in a nondescript San Francisco office building. Maybe he’ll be a rapper trying to make a living on YouTube. That may sound crazy, but Coulier is the guy who put this song together a couple of years ago.

With Coulier in the bag, that leaves Bob Saget, Lori Loughlin and the Olsen twins, as far as who hasn’t signed up yet. The first two are just as likely as Coulier to come back, but we’re not too sure about the latter siblings, who said they weren’t even contacted about the new series during the development phase. (As assertion that John Stamos called ”bullshit.”)

Fuller House will center on Candace Cameron-Bure’s newly-widowed pregnant mother DJ Tanner-Fuller, who invites her sister Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and best friend/single mother Kimmy (Andrea Barber) to live with her and help take care of her kids. New casting notices have surfaced, according to TV Line, that give us a better idea of who the show’s kids are. The 12/13-year-old ladies man Jesse Daniel, or JD, is having a difficult time dealing with the loss of his dad, and begins acting out, which DJ tries to stall with parental advice. DJ’s other son, the 6/7-year-old Max, is a tech whiz who is also a mini-Danny in that he takes his cleaning fixations to extremes. Kimmy’s 12/13-year-old daughter Ramona is bi-racial and isn’t immediately happy to have her Latina heritage watered down by the Tanner’s whiteness, and she’s also into boys and fashion, but not school. Can’t wait to see how these guys pan out.

Now the question we all want to know. How can we get Coulier to join the Full House Lifetime movie as Uncle Jesse?

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