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American Horror Story: Hotel First Trailer - Meet The Characters And Those Freaky Kids

FX knows how to ramp up anticipation like few other networks, as they’ve been keeping any and all footage from American Horror Story: Hotel behind closed doors, despite the fact that it premieres in less than a month. Well the wait is now over, as this first legit promo introduces viewers to the many ghastly and deadly personalities walking the grounds of the Hotel Cortez. Plus, there are a bunch of freaky ass children that I wasn't expecting.

Holy shit, we've got everybody walking around here, and it all leads up to a downright frightening Lady Gaga getting into an elevator as the bloodsucking Countess Elizabeth, the owner of the hotel. But she's not sucking anyone's blood, so she's far from the best part about all this.

I mean, just look at Sarah Paulson in her first evil-as-hell American Horror Story role, playing Hypodermic Sally, who has apparently sewed someone up inside of a mattress. Or maybe she's letting them go? Nah, she doesn't look like anyone's savior. Nor anyone's hairdresser.


And then there's Matt Bomer's Donovan, son of Kathy Bates' Iris, who happens to be Sally's nemesis. (So soapy, I know.) He's walking around with some of the many white-as-snow children that are peppered throughout this preview. What's their deal? Are they dead? Are they ghosts? Where did they get those suits?


And thankfully, this preview gave us our first look at what I think and hope is the most intriguing character: Denis O'Hare's bald and crossdressing hotel bar entertainer, who goes by the name of Liz Taylor. He looks fabulous, even if it's only for a second. And even HE'S walking around with those damned kids. Maybe they're his opening act.


Not to be outdone, Kathy Bates' hotel manager Iris is also there with a set of keys, as is Angela Bassett's stylish actress Ramona Royale (and her pet). We get to see Wes Bentley's detective John Lowe and his wife Alex, played by Chloë Sevigny, as well as Mare Winningham's laundress putting some bloody sheets down the hatch. The rest of the main cast is around as well, and some of them only pop up for a split-second due to rapid-fire edits. If there's any subliminal messaging in this promo, I think it's meant to make us watch the show. And also to hang out with dead children. Good thing I was already doing both.

Make your reservation soon – but probably at a far more reputable establishment where people aren’t trying to kill you – because American Horror Story: Hotel will be premiering on FX on Wednesday, October 11.

Nick Venable
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