Anna Kendrick Really Wants To See One Game Of Thrones Character Naked

After a long winter (as well as a summer, an autumn and part of a spring), Game of Thrones is back on HBO to once again kill off beloved characters while setting more piracy records, and viewers can presumably also expect to see a fair amount of boobs and butts. And one viewer, actress Anna Kendrick, is ready to see a particular character’s nude body at the forefront: Michiel Huisman’s Daario Naharis. I’d make a safe billion-dollar bet that she’s not the only one wishing for this. (NSFW image below, by the by.)

Kendrick took to Twitter earlier to share her thoughts on the shape of the world today, and how Huisman’s dong enters into it. (Insert Butthead laughter.)

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This is about as topical a tweet as one can imagine, as this past weekend saw Madonna and Drake share a too-awkward smooch on stage at Coachella, as well as Hilary Clinton announcing her second bid for the Presidency. And yet, still a complete absence of Huisman’s penis on Game of Thrones. A world where Anna Kendrick is frustrated with something is definitely not a world that I want to live in.

The Season 5 premiere of Game of Thrones is the first one in the series to feature a flashback, but it unfortunately for some wasn’t a flashback to the Season 4 episode “Mockingbird,” in which Daario strips for Daenerys, leading to a bedroom romp between the two. Here’s a brief(less) reminder of what that was like.


Because we’re such kind people here at CinemaBlend, I feel it’s worth noting – for Kendrick’s sake, as well as Huisman’s other admirers – that the actor did go completely full-frontal for Robert Jan Westdijk’s Dutch romantic drama Phileine Says Sorry. And he also showed his body off in HBO’s Treme. No such luck on BBC America’s Orphan Black, though, but how oddly interesting would it be to see him in a threesome with two clones?

And it isn’t just pop culture private parts that Kendrick is interested in, as she also had this House of Cards request a while back.

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Game of Thrones will return for more Season 5 madness on Sundays on HBO. Whether or not dicks will be involved is out of our hands.

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