Another Major Character Is Returning To Twin Peaks

One of the most twisty, turny, and mysterious series of the 1990s was undoubtedly Twin Peaks on ABC. It’s only fitting – if somewhat frustrating for fans – that the Showtime continuation of Twin Peaks has been shrouded in mystery, and even the fact that the show has been filming for quite some time now hasn’t given way to too many spoilers. Luckily, some big news on the Twin Peaks casting front has come out with word that Sherilyn Fenn has been spotted on set to reprise her role as Audrey Horne.

In fact, Fenn has apparently been filming for Twin Peaks for quite a while now, according to a report from Deadline. Her major presence on set indicates that Audrey will be much more than a cameo character in the continuation.


Audrey was last seen in the series finale of Twin Peaks in quite a precarious position. She was caught in an explosion at a local bank, and her survival was one of the cliffhangers that was not resolved on screen thanks to the show’s cancellation. Although it’s been assumed by many that Audrey survived, Fenn’s return for the Showtime continuation is a happy confirmation.

Considering that Audrey was a key character in both seasons of the original run of Twin Peaks, Fenn’s return is definitely an exciting development. The return to Twin Peaks just wouldn’t be the same without some of the same kooky characters as the original, and Audrey would have been sorely missed. Fenn has had a presence on Showtime thanks to a recurring role on the new season of Shameless as well as a memorable stint on Ray Donovan. Fans should be glad that she has the time for Twin Peaks, as well.

Of course, Fenn won’t be the only familiar face returning to Twin Peaks. Although star Kyle MacLachlan is the only cast member officially confirmed for the Showtime version, other originals have been spotted. Miguel Ferrer will be reprising his role as FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield, and David Patrick Kelly will be returning as Jerry Horne.

Sheryl Lee has also reportedly been photographed on set, which… should be interesting. Lee was the actress who brought Laura Palmer and then her cousin Maddy Ferguson to the small screen, but as Laura and Maddy are both long dead, we have to wonder just how Sheryl Lee being considerably older now will work in the case of ghosts or flashbacks. Maybe another surprise cousin will be introduced?

Exciting as it is to now know that Sherilyn Fenn will be back as Audrey, we still have quite a wait ahead of us before Showtime finally premieres the continuation in 2017. Check out our list of midseason premieres to find some solid programming to watch in the meantime.

Laura Hurley
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