There are still months between now and when Netflix brings Arrested Development back to us for its highly anticipated fourth season. In the meantime, while we're left to count down the days until the Bluths reunite, the cast of the crew of the show appear to have begun the process of getting it made. Executive producer Ron Howard tweeted a photo of the script, offering two vague clues about what's ahead for the series' return.

The first clue comes from the Tweet itself, and it doesn't really give much away other than that we might expect to hear plenty of Howard's voice narrating as he did in the past. "Very very funny :-) Lots of lines for the narrator too!" he tweeted, and then included this photo (click to view the bigger version):

Aside from finding it interesting that he has a digital version of the script (I was actually wondering recently if scripts were sent digitally these days), there may be a clue about the set-up for the new season in the title at the top: "arrested development: michael."

At one point, word was that each episode of the new season would focus on a different character. But then last spring from what series creator Mitch Hurwitz said, it sounded like they were shifting around their original plan for the structure of the series, possibly due at least in part to Netflix's plan to release the entire fourth season all at once. But with Michael's name specified at the top, that seems like a clue that they may be sticking to the original idea. Or at the very least, it looks like Episode 401 will be Michael-focused. What has Jason Bateman's character been up to, and will he return to be the one son who had no choice but to keep it all together?

Arrested Development will return for Season 4 early 2013 on Netflix.

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