No New Arrow Episode For Weeks, But Watch This Awesome Trailer For The Offer

Like The Flash, Arrow is going on an extended hiatus with no new episodes until March 18. Fortunately, The CW has released this promo for Episode 16, titled “The Offer,” for fans to chew on for the next several weeks, following the crazy cliffhanger left by “Nanda Parbat”. Take a look!

The last minutes of “Nanda Parbat” had Season 3’s primary antagonist giving Oliver an unexpected proposal: for him to become the next Ra’s al Ghul, i.e. the new leader of the League of Assassins. His monologue in the preview has him trying to convince Oliver that eventually his city and allies will turn on him, which will one day result in his death. However, with the League of Assassins, Oliver would have the resources to save the whole world.

Arrow Ra's al Ghul

Evidently, part of Ra’s’ predictions come true, since the episode description states that Captain Lance will shut out The Arrow, likely due to him hiding Sara’s death. We don’t know how Oliver will respond to this proposal, but he’s at least considering it. There’s also a quick shot seen above of Ra’s dipping his cut hand into a strange pool. Could we finally see the Lazarus Pit in action? Please let it be so!

Arrow Murmur

The preview also offers a glimpse of the episode’s villain Michael Amar, a.k.a. Murmur, played by Adrian Glynn McMorran. We don’t know anything about him other than his mouth has been sewn shut. Murmur is a Flash villain in the comics, but for his TV debut, it looks like he will be causing chaos in Starling City.

Other things that fans can look forward are Nyssa and Laurel bonding over their strained relationships with their fathers, and Thea dealing with Malcolm being saved from Nanda Parbat. Oh, and Roy is pulling a gun on someone. Probably just another person breaking into the Arrowcave again. That’s becoming so common that they would be wise to pack up and find a new hideout for Season 4.

Arrow Roy Harper

Next week’s Arrow episode will be a repeat of “Midnight City,” with the week after bringing a repeat of “Uprising.” So if you missed the last two of the unofficial Arrow trilogy that featured Vinnie Jones as Brick and Oliver recovering from his battle with Ra’s al Ghul, this will be your time to catch up. Here's hoping that after this hiatus is done that it’s smooth sailing until the season finale. What kind of a supervillain is running The CW, anyway?

We’ll find out what happens with Oliver and the gang when Arrow returns on March 18.

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