Season 4 of Arrow has gotten off to an exciting start as the show begins to delve into the mystical for the first time. With a magical supervillain in Damien Darhk, Lazarus Pit shenanigans in Nanda Parbat, and a former heroine resurrected without her soul, it’s no surprise that Oliver and Co. will be possessed to call in an expert on the supernatural. John Constantine of short-lived NBC series Constantine will drop in on Team Arrow in the upcoming fifth episode "Haunted." Check out some new images showing us just what the exorcist extraordinaire will be getting up to in his visit to Star City next week!

arrow and constantine

From the looks of things, Constantine won’t exactly be dealing with a group of people accustomed to his brand of fighting evil. In this look at Constantine’s efforts to reunite Sara with her soul, it seems like Oliver will be breaking in his new lair with a séance. Considering that Laurel was the main driving force – or only driving force, really – behind Sara’s resurrection, it’s fitting that she should be in the middle of the flickering flames around the circle. It’s more surprising that Oliver is with her rather than her adjacent father, but as Oliver knew Sara better than anybody, he’s perhaps the most appropriate person to help bring her back.

Laurel and Constantine

We can probably safely guess that the first attempt at a séance was unsuccessful as Laurel is seen decked out in her Black Canary duds in a room that looks awfully similar to what we’ve seen of Nanda Parbat. The Sara situation must be much worse off than Laurel predicted if the events of “Haunted” will take them back to the fortress of the League of Assassins and the domain of Malcolm Merlyn. While Constantine does slightly appear as though he’s trying to ward Laurel off like an evil spirit, he’s almost certainly trying to do what he can for Sara without any of the novices getting in his way. After all, even Malcolm and Nyssa were certain that nothing could be done to fix Sara after she came out of Pit; Constantine will likely be their only chance to save her.

We can’t say for sure just yet how successful Constantine’s efforts to reunite body with soul will be in “Haunted,” but Sara does have a few things to do in 2016 that will only work if she’s more human than the snarling creature seen thus far in Season 4. Perhaps the bigger question is how Oliver will react to Laurel’s decision to resurrect Sara into a soulless shade of her former self. Considering that Laurel and Quentin probably didn’t have any exorcists in their rolodexes to call in, Oliver being able to bring in John Constantine and table any concerns long enough to help should make him a key player in the resurrection story.

Arrow airs on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. For more first looks at Constantine in “Haunted,” check out the gallery below!

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