Will Arrow Introduce Bruce Wayne? Here's What A Major Cast Member Said

While Oliver Queen is doing a bang-up job fighting evildoers on Arrow, that isn’t stopping some people from wanting to see another famous non-powered vigilante who uses personal tragedy as motivation to stop crime on the series: Batman. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim recently stated that while the logistics are complicated, one day he’d like to see the Caped Crusader show up. With Batman set to appear in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and be a major player in the DC Cinematic Universe, it’s he may not fight alongside the Arrow on TV anytime soon (though that would look awesome). However, what if it wasn’t Batman that visited Starling City, but his alter-ego? For one Arrow actor, that’s the perfect approach.

Cast member David Ramsey told Collider that he while he has no interest in seeing Batman, he would like to see billionaire Bruce Wayne appear alongside Oliver Queen at some point. Said Ramsey:

“I don’t want to see Batman, but I would love to see Bruce Wayne. Maybe he’s part of the League of Assassins, right now. Maybe he watched in horror as Oliver Queen was pushed off the cliff, or maybe he watched and it wasn’t so much in horror. Maybe he’s just joined the League, or maybe he’s been part of it for years. Who knows? Maybe he’s a billionaire who visits Starling. I don’t know. But, I would love to see that. As big as Ray Palmer is, with his billionaire persona, it ain’t Bruce Wayne. I would just love to see Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen together.”

A 12-year old Bruce Wayne is one of the main characters on Gotham, so including his adult self on Arrow might be difficult to pull off. While there hasn’t been any indication of whether Bruce Wayne exists in this universe, the Wayne family was briefly referenced on The Flash pilot last year. When Harrison Wells pulled up the future newspaper in his secret room, there was a small story below the Flash headline about how the merger between Queen Consolidated and Wayne Tech was complete. Arrow has also included several Batman characters over its three seasons, including Firefly, Huntress, Solomon Grundy, Dollmaker, Harley Quinn (though that was barely a cameo) and most notably Season 3’s main antagonist Ra’s al Ghul.

If Bruce Wayne is ever included on a TV show besides Gotham, it’s likely the priority will be to somehow have him appear in the upcoming series Titans, which will feature Batman’s former partner Dick Grayson as Nightwing. Besides, with all the other DC protagonists Arrow has introduced like Black Canary, The Flash, Ted Grant and Ray Palmer, there’s really no need include Batman when he’s already getting plenty of screen time. Let’s not overshadow the lesser-known heroes.

Adam Holmes
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