Now that “Al Sah-him’ is over, there are only two Arrows left in the quiver. The superhero series’ third season has been a struggle, but this week was excellent, easily the best installment so far this year. Better late than never. And in step with the episode’s exciting yet streamlined storytelling, there might not have been many DCU references made in “Al Sah-him,” but those that were are very intriguing...

Hong Kong Oliver
Last week, I talked about how I could probably do without the flashbacks, but at least “Al Sah-Him” kept them to an absolute minimum. And thankfully, when we did cut to Hong Kong, most of that time was spent watching Tatsu carve up General Shrieve’s men with her katana. Oliver and Maseo were also there, engaged in yet another terribly choreographed shoot-out. The trio manage to stop the army from injecting more citizens with the Alpha and Omega bio-weapon, but by the time they decide to get out of dodge, Akio’s already been infected. A reveal that might have had more weight if we didn’t already know that he dies. I know the flashbacks are meant to show how awful it would be for Oliver to unleash the weapon on Starling but the scenes are so strung-out they’re a snooze.

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