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Ok, Arrow fans. Yesterday we dug through the excellent extended preview (watch it below) for the next new episode -- which isn't next week, unfortunately -- trying to find clues as to who the villain is and what's coming up. CW has since issued an official synopsis for the episode, which gives us some more details, including the confirmed villain, played by guest star Robert Knepper, and what's going on in Starling City. Spoilers ahead!

Here's the synopsis for Arrow's "Time of Death," which airs Wednesday, February 26.
ARROW “Time of Death” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)

ROBERT KNEPPER AND ALEX KINGSTON GUEST STAR — Oliver (Stephen Amell) brings Sara (Caity Lotz) into the Arrow team. Watching Oliver and Diggle (David Ramsey) spar with Sara and talk old scars, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) starts to feel left out. The team is investigating a villain named William Tockman, a.k.a. The Clock King (guest star Robert Knepper), who is a brilliant thief armed with technology that can open any bank vault in Starling City. After The Clock King infiltrates the computer systems in the lair, Felicity feels pressure to prove her worth. When she gets a lead on Tockman’s whereabouts, she heads out without the team, putting her in peril. Meanwhile, Oliver throws Sara a welcome home party, but Laurel (Katie Cassidy) refuses to attend. After Lance (Paul Blackthrone) makes his case for a family dinner, Laurel acquiesces, but when Oliver shows up with Sara, she loses her temper on both of them. Nick Copus directed the episode written by Wendy Mericle & Beth Schwartz (#214).

So, The Clock King is the villain of the episode, but is he the face we see out of focus in this shot of the preview?


Who knows, but I'm not going to assume it is. But for reference, here's the mentioned preview:

Let's go back to the episode description. I love the mentioned Felicity arc in the episode, as I'm hoping it'll lead to something happening that brings Felicity further into the fold -- something like what's mentioned about her feeling like she needs to prove her worth. Felicity shouldn't need to have her place solidified within the group and she's already proven her worth on numerous occasions, including stepping up and telling Oliver the truth about his mother, which couldn't have been easy. She's brainy, but she's also brave and incredibly loyal. Still, given the backgrounds and histories of the other people in Team Arrow, I could see why she might feel like she's on the outside. I'd also be interested in seeing how she reacts to Oliver and Sara's romantic situation, assuming she finds out. Either way, Felicty/Oliver tension is my favorite personal/non-vigilante kind of tension on this show, so I can't wait to see how this particular arc plays out.

In other news, Stephen Amell is close enough to having a million followers on his Facebook page that he's already brainstorming things to do when he hits that milestone.

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