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Ben Affleck And Bill Hader Team Up To Promote This Week's Saturday Night Live

Ben Affleck will return to Saturday Night Live this weekend to host the season finale of the long-running sketch comedy series. This happens to be Affleck's fifth turn as host, which puts him in the five-timers club as of this Saturday. And it'll also be the fifth time Kanye West serves as the musical guest.

Relatively hot on the heels of Argo's success, Affleck has Brad Furman's Runner, Runner coming up this fall, and he's set to write and direct Live by Night, a feature adaptation of Dennis Lehane's crime novel. We're also really hoping he's going to figure out a way to make The Stand happen on the big screen. We may have a while to wait for that one.

Affleck's first time hosting was back in 2000, the same ear Boiler Room and Reindeer Games came out and the year before Pearl Harbor released into theaters. Thirteen years later, he's back again and joined by Bill Hader for the promo. A fitting partner, when we consider yesterday's news that Hader's last episode is this weekend. The comedic actor joined the series in 2005, spending eight years making us laugh. The series won't be the same without Hader, though I'm hopeful he'll drop in for a Stefon or Herb Welch appearance once in a while.

As for West, he's said to be working on his sixth studio album, and he recently previewed his new single "I Am A God" at the Met Gala.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.