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Beth Behrs Rounds Out CBS Kat Dennings Pilot

The Whitney Cummings pitched CBS pilot Two Broke Girls just found its second lead. After somehow landing borderline A-lister Kat Dennings for the lead, those in charge have decided to choose quality over famousness. Beth Behrs of American Pie: The Book Of Love fame will round out the principal cast, and even though I’ve never seen her act, I love this pick for one primary reason. Beth Behrs looks like an upperclass bitch.

Fitting, for a show about two down on their luck girls, one broke since birth (Dennings) and one heaved out of the mansion to make it on her own (Behrs). According to Deadline, the pilot will see the two ladies brainstorming how to raise two hundred fifty thousand dollars in order to engineer the scheme that will turn their lives around.

Out of all the pilots I’ve reported on this season, and there’s been a lot, there’s something about Two Broke Girls that keeps grabbing my eye. Maybe it’s the behind the scenes presence of Whitney Cummings or the impressive pedigree of former Sex And The City showrunner and current executive producer on this project Michael Patrick King. Then again, it could just be my strange affinity for Kat Dennings. Regardless, I’m really hoping this pops like the subject matter indicates it could.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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