The Big Bang Theory: Check Out Sheldon's New Love Interest

At the beginning of Season 9, I don’t think I would have believed it if my future self told me Amy and Sheldon would be getting new love interests. However, it’s impossible to deny what is happening at this point, as recent episodes casually introduced us to the idea of Amy’s new beau, Dave, and now we've seen Dave in the flesh. While Sheldon was very recently still talking about his desire to win Amy back, it looks like he has now changed his mind, too. Next week it looks as if Sheldon will finally see the character meeting a new love interest, as well. You can check her out, below.


We got a sneak peek at Sheldon meeting Analeigh Tipton’s character in the latest preview for the series, and if you aren’t familiar with the former America’s Next Top Model contestant, she looks like she may be pretty out of Sheldon’s league. Here’s what we know about the episode. We’ve learned a while ago that the former Manhattan Love Story actress has been signed on to the series to play Sheldon’s brand new love interest. Word’s still out on whether or not this will develop into something interesting, as showrunner Steve Molaro has been open that the creative team doesn’t even know exactly when or if Sheldon and Amy might get back together. However, currently the actress looks to only be signed on for one episode, so we wouldn’t be shocked if Sheldon found some way to screw this up.

We also know that an exuberant Sheldon will officially proclaim he is on the market, which means he should be in higher spirits than he has been for most of Season 9. If you haven’t caught the preview for next week’s big episode, yet, you can check it out, below.

Spoilers from the most recent episode in this paragraph. The internet was all abuzz this past Thursday, not only because the episode was one giant tribute to Leonard Nimoy, but also because Sheldon showed a side on the series we really don’t get to see too often. He opened up to Penny and Leonard about formerly wanting to give the family heirloom (ring) to Amy before everything fell apart. It’s hard to believe Sheldon is really ready to begin dating at this point, but after seeing Amy kissing another dude, he might be forcing himself to get back on the horse. We’ll have to wait and see if he manages to hang on.

The Big Bang Theory recently shifted from its Monday night slot. Now, it’s back to its usual timeslot, airing on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET, only on CBS.

Jessica Rawden
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