It's official. Those of us who have been keeping an eye on the Big Brother live feeds now know which two houseguests will be facing off in the third and final part of the Head of Household competition. Consider yourselves spoiler-warned from this point forward! If you don't want to know who won the first two parts of the HoH competition, read no further!

As we previously reported, the first part of the HoH competition started not long after Thursday's live episode ended. It was an endurance competition and Dan won. Ian fell on his own or threw it. It looked like he fell, but Dan later claimed to Danielle that he got Ian to throw it. No idea if that's true though, or if he was only telling her that to convince Danielle he had Ian under his misty control. Either way, Danielle consented to throw the endurance competition to Dan. She later expressed irritation and possibly even regret over this, despite what Dan saying about her being the better pick to go up against Ian in what would likely be a memory/quiz-type second part.

On Friday night, Danielle had a mini-meltdown with Dan by the chessboard. It seemed like the pressure leading into the upcoming second part was getting to her. It probably didn't help that they'd been on lockdown inside since the endurance competition. Dan assured her this was the right plan and that she could beat Ian in the second part. He said that, worse case scenario, Ian wins and Dan convinces Ian to throw the third part. Danielle was also pushing Dan to help her understand how it was in her best interest for Dan to evict Shane over Ian. Dan went through it with her again, explaining that he couldn't trust Shane and that his main goal was to get the two of them to the Final 2. She seemed to finally accept that, though it was clear she was still nervous about Part 2.

The houseguests were stuck inside all day yesterday, and finally last night at about 10:00 p.m. EST, the feeds went off so the 2nd HoH competition could begin. The feeds came back on a little more than two hours later, not long after BIg Brother After Dark started. It was clear from the start that Ian won and Danielle did not win. The feeds came on to Danielle screaming at Ian that if he takes Dan to the Final 2 and sends her out, she'll convince the jury not to vote for him to win. But things were not nearly as heated as they appeared...

From what's been said, apparently when Ian won, Dan celebrated and said something about "$50,000" (possibly an exclamation implying that no matter what, he and Ian were guaranteed at least $50k). So Danielle was calling Ian out for having a deal with Dan and telling him she wasn't going to let him win if he doesn't take her to the end. From what I understand, this staged show was all planned out by Dan and Danielle as part of their plot to get Ian to throw the final HoH to Dan. If Ian thinks he'll lose jury votes by taking Dan, it might be in his best interest to not win the last part. At least, that's what they want him to think.

It sounds like Part 2 of the comp was a timed competition that involved the order of the evictions and cleaning some soot-like substance off of something. Danielle and Ian both came back into the house looking dirty and needing showers. Ian explained the competition, but honestly, I couldn't really follow what he was saying, so we'll have to wait until they show it on the episode. (Not sure if we'll see Part 2 tonight or Wednesday.)

Dan had a brief conversation with Ian not long after Danielle stopped yelling, during which Ian expressed irritation at Dan for the comment he made that set Danielle off. Dan pretended like he was just so excited and tried to brush it off like it didn't matter, but Ian was stressed about it. Dan eventually went to work on planting the idea that Ian should throw the final competition by saying something about Danielle's threats only mattering if Ian wins the last HoH. Ian outright said he wasn't going to throw the last competition. That's something he said again later too, so I don't think Dan's going to have any luck there.

Here's where things get really interesting though. We saw Dan and Ian have a couple of conversations about their Renegades Final 2 deal, with both assuring the other that they wouldn't go back on that deal no matter what. That's on track with the obvious plan for both of them. Since they're going against one another in Part 3, the smart thing for both to do is assure the other that "it doesn't matter" because they're both taking the other. And from what Dan told Danielle the night before, his plan was to get Ian to throw the last part to him, Dan would win and take Danielle to the end. But when last night, when Dan had a moment alone, he muttered to himself about maybe having to throw the last HoH competition to Ian and something about how he actually does have a conscience. So maybe he's thinking he doesn't have it in him to cut Ian if he wins the last HoH? Or cut Danielle? Right now Dan has a Final 2 deal with Ian and Danielle, so he's in a good position even if he doesn't win Part 3. If he's sure Ian will take him to the final 2, it sounds like he might just let Ian win the last HoH and take him. That way he doesn't have to evict Danielle himself.

He and Ian spent the rest of BBAD celebrating quietly together. Meanwhile, Danielle went into the diary room and then came out later with tears in her eyes. When Ian disappeared for a little while, Dan went to Danielle and consoled and hugged her. She said she hates Ian and he told her there was no way he was going to let her go. But that was before he muttered the thing about throwing the competition to Ian. So right now, it seems like he's leaning toward letting this be an Ian/Dan Final 2. And Danielle spent the rest of the night sniffling in bed until she fell asleep.

It's impossible to know what's really happening here. I think Danielle is genuinely upset that she didn't win Part 2 and her fate hangs in Dan's hands. And I think Dan is actually thinking about going to the final 2 with Ian. But I have to wonder if he really thinks he has a better chance of winning against Ian than he does against Danielle. As for Ian, he seems to be fully on board to take Dan to the final 2, but he would also probably have an easier time beating Danielle in the end than he would Dan. Maybe he's going under assumption that the jury will vote for their friend and not the better player. Or maybe it's just an act and he's actually planning on evicting Dan if he wins Part 3. It's impossible to say right now. The only way we'd catch wind of that is if Ian were to pull Danielle aside and make her a promise to take her. But as of right now, it looks like he's sticking to his Renegades deal with Dan, and Dan may return the favor by trying not to win the last part of the HoH.

We'll update you if anything interesting happens! In the meantime, we took a look at Dan's game to pose the question: Does he deserve to win? Read that here and vote in the poll!.

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