As Wednesday night's episode of Big Brother left off with a cliffhanger, with the houseguests just getting started on the barbecue sauce Head of Household competition, everything we talk about in this article is based on the live feeds, including who won the Head of Household and who they nominated tonight. So if you want to wait until Sunday night to find out, read no further. Spoilers ahead.

As we reported yesterday, Aaryn won Head of Household for the week. Since it was a partners HoH competition, it was actually Jeremy and Aaryn who won, but it sounds like he handed her the key and there might have been some agreement that he would get a say in who was nominated. He probably would have had that anyway as they're friends and semi-allies, but Aaryn has no idea Jeremy's in a secret alliance with some of the other guys. She is very suspicious in general after how things went down with David's eviction. Aaryn may not have the best attitude, but if she has a redeeming quality as a houseguest, it's that she knows the game. She's familiar with how things work and she knows there's no way she can be sure of who voted to evict Elissa and who sent David packing, though she has her suspicions.

In terms of her allies, on the surface, Aaryn's alliance is with Jeremy, GinaMarie, Kaitlin, Jessie and Nick - in that order. I'm not even sure she considers herself in an alliance with Nick as she's already expressed some suspicion over his involvement in David's exit. This week, the goal is to - once again - send Elissa packing. Never mind that the majority of the house saved Elissa just a couple of days ago, or that Elissa stands a decent chance of getting MVP again, Aaryn's staying the course and she's trying to get people on board with the plan. Again.

Big Brother Nominees

Tonight, Aaryn put Elissa and Helen on the block. As mentioned, the goal is to get Elissa out, and Aaryn wants a competitor on the block who's guaranteed to play for the Veto. Helen fills that role, plus she's a friend of Elissa's. She's also one of the targets of Aaryn's nasty comments, but in all fairness, it's probably her association to Elissa that put Helen in this predicament. Probably. Or I'm trying to give Aaryn the benefit of the doubt, here. Helen's also good about keeping her head up and not making a fuss over a crappy situation. She demonstrated her willingness to tough it out after she was made a Have Not again, also at the hands of Aaryn. Helen does occasionally cry, but almost immediately afterwards, she takes a deep breath, reminds herself that this is a game and gets her had back in it. game. It's a great attitude to have and a demonstration of strong character as we see her unhappy but willing to rise above. But I do worry that people might take advantage of that. If she had made a fuss over being made a Have Not, would Aaryn have thought twice about nominating her? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, Helen gets points for character. And she seems determined not to let being on the block get the better of her.

As for where the house stands on Elissa, I'm not entirely sure right now. It may be that everyone was waiting to see who was nominated before they started vocalizing plans for eviction. Aaryn has been leading the charge to get Elissa out and some people seem willing to agree with her, but that was all before nominations. And people may not start any serious talks until the MVP nominee is announced and the Veto competition takes place.

I'm curious to see how this week works out for Aaryn, especially with these allies. If she were nominating purely personally, I think we would have seen Candice and Elissa on the block, as Aaryn doesn't like either of them. But part of her strategy involves keeping Jeremy from going. He could end up being the MVP's nominee, which would at least let him play the Veto. But after he won the HoH, some houseguests might decide he's a big enough threat to go home. Of course, Aaryn doesn't know that Jeremy has four allies who would keep him safe.

If Elissa does get MVP and puts Jeremy up, and she doesn't win the Veto, she could end up going home. It all depends on how the Moving Company votes. But there are a lot of ifs in that sentence. So we'll have to wait and see how things play out over the next couple of days.

In other news, Kaitlin just revealed to Aaryn that she didn't even try out for Big Brother. She was recruited at a bar and sent straight to the final auditions. That's actually the kind of information that Aaryn could use against Kaitlin if she wanted to.

UPDATE - Based on this screenshot of a quick, rare and well-timed glimpse at the diary room, looks like Elissa won MVP again:


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