It's not always easy to accurately predict how things will go in any given week of Big Brother. Things change on a dime in that house, and it only takes a conversation or two to turn the tides one way or the other. So, who is going home tonight? The live feeds have given us a fairly good idea of that. Of course, we won't know with all certainty until the votes are cast, but all signs point toward...

Big Brother Live Feed Spoilers ahead!

...Zach staying and Jocasta being evicted.

Up until last night, it looked like Nicole, Hayden and Derrick were set on getting Zach out, and they'd somehow managed to convince Christine and Frankie to go along with this plan, with Cody and Caleb more or less along for the ride. From what I saw, it looks like Hayden, Donny and Nicole -- and Jocasta -- will be blindsided by this eviction, as they still think everyone's voting Zach out. That's assuming no one clues them in today to soften some of the blow.

As of Big Brother After Dark, it looks like the Detonators started to confer with one another and it dawned on them that Nicole, Donny and Hayden were playing them to get one of their own out and shift the numbers in their favor. Frankie was told that he was supposed to be backdoored this week. Cody told Christine he heard she was targeting him. She denied that and they cleared the air. And Frankie and Caleb eventually told Zach that Nicole and Hayden were trying to get him out but he's totally safe.

Frankie played it up to Zach like they were all just saying "yes" to the plan to vote Zach out, but sort of implying that they weren't really considering it. If Zach is smart, he'll at least keep in mind that there was a plan in place that no one told him about all week, until the night before eviction.

Either way, as of late last night, the plan to get Zach out of the house is off the table, but Nicole, Hayden and Donny don't know about it. And Nicole assured Jocasta that she's safe.

Normally I love this kind of blindside. But I like Hayden, Donny and Nicole, so I feel bad for what they're in for. It's hard to fault the Detonators for running the game the way they are though, even if I'm getting kind of bored of it. A big shift would've been interesting.

So what does this mean for the Rationale alliance? It's possible Derrick will find a way to salvage that union if Hayden and Nicole survive the double eviction. It would be smart not to burn that bridge if this blindside doesn't set it ablaze the moment Jocasta goes out the door. Because they do have the numbers now, but the Detonators will need to start picking each other off very soon. The fact that they were so close to sending Zach home just goes to show that their "loyalty" to one another centers largely around having the numbers and they're not above cutting each other loose this early in the game. Every one of them needs to be aware of that. This situation could solidify the alliance, but it seems more likely than not that it's weakened it, especially if Zach realizes how close he came to eviction. So Derrick and Cody would be smart to try to hang on to the Rationale so that they have that support on their side if/when one of them ends up on the block next to another Detonator.

Again though, this is all assuming stuff doesn't change between now and tonight's Big Brother episode. But looking at the conversations that took place last night, it would take a miracle to save Jocasta.

On the bright side, blindside or not, it'll be very interesting to see who wins Head of Household after the first eviction tonight, and of course, who follows the first evictee out the door...

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