We're at the point in the Big Brother season when the Power of Veto begins to become more important to the game than the Head of Household. He (or she) who wins the Veto can use it or not to have a pretty massive impact on who ends up going home, and just as importantly, who stays. It's the Veto that this week's HoH is concerned about and from what was discussed during the live feeds, it sounds like they made their nominations choices with that in mind.

Spoiler Alert: This update contains spoilers from the Big Brother Live Feeds since last night's episode, including who won HoH and who they nominated. If you don't want to know, read no further!

As we reported yesterday, Caleb dominated the Head of Household competition. Our predicted nominees were Nicole and Victoria, but after discussing his plans with the Detonators (and then the Detonators plus Christine), Caleb decided to nominate Nicole and Christine, his logic being that he wants to increase the chances of all of the Detonators playing for Veto, especially because his knee got messed up during HoH and he might not be able to play himself.

Nicole tried to chat it up with Caleb last night, but as we've seen in the past, Caleb's a pretty focused guy when he has an idea in mind, and he doesn't seem interested at all in saving Nicole from eviction. He spoke with Derrick, Frankie and Cody about putting Nicole up with Christine. By his thinking, if he puts up Nicole and Victoria, it guarantees that both will play in the Veto. He's hoping Victoria won't get picked when they do the random draw. That rules out her either winning it (doubtful, but possible) if she does play, and it ensures that Christine is playing no matter what. Because she's on the block.

Here's where things get really shady and not good for Christine. They invited her into the Head of Household room and then Caleb told all of them his idea. Only he didn't say, "Hey, Christine, I'm putting you up but it's only because I want to make sure you get to play for Veto. One of us needs to win it and I trust that you can." Instead, he kind of acted like he, Derrick, Cody and Frankie didn't just discuss and decide on this whole thing, and instead said "I'm putting one of you guys up, but it's just so I know you'll beat Nicole at the Veto." Not telling Christine that he'd already decided it was her is a pretty strong indication that she is on the outside of this alliance.

The guys seem to be ok if things go wrong and Christine ends up going home. If Nicole wins the Veto and takes herself off the block, Victoria might go up, but I would be genuinely surprised if those guys voted her out with the opportunity to get Christine out. Especially when it's confirmed that it's a Double Eviction.

It's also possible Victoria does get to play for Veto and if she manages to win it, she might decide to use it to save Nicole. The thing is, I think Derrick would work hard to ensure she doesn't use it to keep himself safe. Unless he somehow got Frankie out of Caleb's ear long enough to convince Caleb to put Frankie up as the replacement. It's possible, but the odds look unlikely right now.

I could be proven wrong here -- expect the unexpected -- but as it's looking right now, Christine or Nicole will go next Thursday night -- possibly both.

To Christine's credit, she finally seems to have figured out that she's at the bottom of her alliance. After nominations, she muttered to herself that she's done everything for the Detonators and if she makes it through the week she's not putting Victoria up, she's playing for herself. If she manages to survive the double eviction, I'd love to see that.


It's going to be very interesting to see who wins the Veto. I hope it's Nicole. She deserves another victory. Not only did Donny go home this week, but Caleb made her a Have Not again. Derrick volunteered to be a Have Not, likely to take some shade off himself for going for the $5k prize during the Head of Household competition. Nicole was a Have Not last week. Being put on slop again did a number on her. She sat outside afterward and cried. Then berated herself for crying over it. Hopefully she has enough fight left in her to pull off a win tomorrow when the Veto is played. We'll keep you updated!

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