As much as I'm enjoying the current season of Big Brother, I'm not sure the season has really hit full-on drama mode as it relates to big moves and dramatic turns from one week to the next. This seems to be a week-to-week season, where each week, the houseguests evict whoever is convenient, and no one is all that divided or heated about who's staying and who's going. Such is the case -- so far -- this week. We know who won the Veto, we know whether or not it was used. And we know who the current target for eviction is!

Big Brother 16 (Week 6) SPOILER Alert: None of that information has been revealed yet in the episodes, so if you'd rather wait until tonight to see who won the Veto and whether or not they used it, read no further!

Sunday night's episode left off with Donny being de-throned as Head of Household when his nominees, Caleb and Victoria, won the Battle of the Block. Nicole remained Head of Household, and her nominees Jocasta and Zach were left on the block pre-Veto.

The Veto competition has since taken place and Christine won it. I think there was some talk (by certain people) of back-dooring someone -- possibly Frankie -- but Christine ended up not using the Veto, so no one is being back-doored this week. And now, the developing plan is to send Zach home, though he doesn't seem to be aware of the situation yet.

A more interesting development here is the relationship between Nicole and Christine. The two seemed to have developed a really nice friend-mance, but Christine does a lot of talking, and it seems to be catching up with her, whether she realizes it or not. Something happened involving Christine telling Nicole that Hayden made out with Victoria. That got around, and Hayden has dispelled the rumor. Nicole and Hayden are as cuddly as ever, in private, and friends out in the open. And Nicole and Hayden don't seem to trust Christine at all anymore, realizing she's tighter with others than she's letting on, and that she tells people everything.

From what I've seen and heard on the feeds, it seems like Nicole, Hayden and Derrick are on good terms and somewhat working together. And though they don't trust Frankie and Christine as much as they're letting on, they've worked with them on turning the tide against Zach, essentially doing to Frankie what Frankie did to Caleb last week, in getting him to think that getting Zach out was his idea.

This is sort of the weirdness of this whole season so far. While the houseguests are likable, I don't get the sense that they're all that attached to one another as far as protecting each other to the end. Frankie and Zach are super tight in the house, and yet Frankie seems willing to cut him loose this week without much resistance. Unless he's playing it cool for now and waiting until closer to Thursday to try to turn the house back around and get Jocasta out. It's hard to say. Maybe Frankie sees Zach as too much of a liability to keep him around.

Either way, if Zach's aware of his impending doom he hasn't let on. And something tells me he'd be talking about it if he knew. Regardless, there's enough time between today and tomorrow for the situation to blow up or the tide to turn, so we'll have to wait and see what happens.

The houseguest know a double eviction is coming. I don't think it's confirmed to them that it's tomorrow night, but they know they're due for one, so I doubt they'll be overly surprised when Julie breaks the news. Still, it'll be great to see how the episode plays out. I'm especially hopeful that the two-Head of Household twist ends with the double eviction. There probably won't be time for it tomorrow night anyway. Regardless, it was a fun twist, and not the worst structural change the series has come up with, but I'm wondering if the extra strategizing involved with Battle of the Block and nominations is throwing off the general mood when it comes to getting people out.

In other news, CBS has set the finale date for Big Brother16. Read all about that here.

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