Big Brother Houseguests Unite For A Funny Audition Tape Advice Video

While we wait for CBS to give us a premiere date or any hint of what they have in store for the upcoming sixteenth season of Big Brother, casting director Robyn Kass took to Youtube to offer fans and houseguest-hopefuls some helpful advice on what to do and what not to do in their audition videos. In the process, Kass enlisted the help of a lot of familiar faces to reenact her lessons. Anyone who's watched the show at any point in the last decade or so should be able to name at least a few of the houseguests united -- by video anyway -- in the above video.

You'd think some of the suggestions made in Kass's video would be stating the obvious. Don't follow Amanda's example of getting distracted by yourself or other things while taping the video, and unlike Ragan, you want to try to find some good lighting... also a decent webcam (Dan). Don't call yourself the next Will Kirby (unless you're actually Will Kirby, then I think it's ok), and don't fill your video with dancing (Enzo) or flexing (Jessie) or whispering (Daniele) or snoring (Dominic). Don't read from a script (Matt). Maybe brush out your hair and show a little enthusiasm (Britney), and try to point the camera at your face (McCray). Also, don't make suggestions about the production (Judd and BB Canada's Alec).

What's great about the video is just how many houseguests from the series participated. There were recent contestants like Elissa, Amanda and GinaMarie, along with all-stars like Will Kirby, Janelle Pierzina, James Rhine, Rachel and Brendon, Jeff (sans Jordan?) and Danielle from BB3, not to mention Daniele and Dominic. Winners Andy, Ian and Mike Boogie were also spotted. There were also some great brief appearances by Andrew, Kalia, Adam and Lawan, whom you may remember received the playful wrath of Julie moments after his self-inflicted eviction. Ah, the memories. Hopefully these audition tape tips help people improve their chances of getting on the show so they too can some day be a part of a video like this. Or win half a million dollars, as was the case for a select few.

The Big Brother casting page says the series is still casting for Big Brother 16, however it also says deadline TBD and that we shouldn't forget to tune in for the Big Brother 15 finale on September 18 (of last fall), so it seems like this page hasn't been updated in a while. But Kass's video indicates that they are still looking. Or — conspiracy theory time! — they want people to think they're looking but maybe they're preparing for some kind of All Star season. Like I said, that's mostly just a random theory and it's one that's probably a bit tired. There's no word on what the "twist" or theme will be for this season's Big Brother. But it is worth noting that this time last year we had a premiere date for the upcoming season and though CBS has announced some summer premiere dates, Big Brother 16 isn't among them. So what's up?

Again, this is pure speculation here, but last season ran for 90 days which was a longer season than usual, which resulted in an earlier premiere. Because Big Brother isn't pre-taped and then aired after the fact like some reality shows, I'm thinking that planning out the duration of the competition and the number of episodes would all factor heavily into when the series has to premiere, in order to wrap up without spilling over too much into CBS's fall season. So it's possible that the producers haven't figured all that out yet, including how long the show will run, how many contestants it'll including (determining how many evictions need to be scheduled), etc.. Or maybe CBS isn't done sorting out their summer schedule. Hopefully we'll find out soon.

Kelly West
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