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Racism has become a recurring topic this season on Big Brother. The series began making headlines this month when two contestants reportedly lost their jobs outside the house due to things they said on the live internet feeds. For those unfamiliar with how the series works, CBS airs three episodes of Big Brother a week, but those who want an inside look at what's going on in the house can subscribe to the live feeds. And that's how fans captured Aaryn and GinaMarie's rather insensitive comments about certain houseguests. Big Brother finally addressed the topic in the episodes during Sunday night's episode, and last night, they aired the above follow-up, which showed some of the houseguests discussing comments Aaryn has made and then Amanda bringing that situation to Aaryn's attention in the hopes that she'd be more mindful of the things she said.

As you'll notice in the above video, Aaryn doesn't take Amanda's comments all that seriously. And not to defend her, but in the Big Brother house, people are constantly pulling people aside to discuss things, whisper, gossip and occasionally lie or exaggerate for their own game-related purposes. So Aaryn's denial may be due - at least in part - to not trusting Amanda. But everything we saw in Amanda's behavior seems genuine here, though Aaryn doesn't seem to appreciate that. And there was some talk from her and Jeremy later about the accusation being an attempt to defame Aaryn, as though Amanda or anyone else accusing Aaryn of being a racist would be enough for CBS/Big Brother to spin a segment on it, though they don't technically know that such a segment has actually aired. They'll see when they come out that the headlines and the segment aired before that conversation, and Amanda's attempt to help Aaryn came too late anyway.

BB host Julie Chen, who has already spoken openly on The Talk, about Aaryn's comments, some of which targeted Asian people and Helen, the sole Asian houseguest this season, addressed Aaryn during last night's episode, when questioning the houseguests about how it is being on camera all the time and whether or not they forget that they're being filmed. If it was meant to be bait to get Aaryn to unknowingly respond to the controversy she's caused, she took it, responding with, "I don't forget, I just am a very open person, so everyone here knows a lot about me and so does America now," to which Julie responded, "Yes, we all do."

The topic came up again last night on the live feeds - spoilers if you don't want to know what's happening on the feeds! - Aaryn and Kaitlin were having an argument with Jessie over the bed situation, which was probably more to do with Jessie switching alliances and helping send Nick out the door. When the topic of talking smack behind people's backs came up, Amanda busted into the room, wine in hand, and got into it with them. The conversation came around to Aaryn's racism, which Aaryn seems to be taking more as an accusation from Amanda personally and not an overall issue in the house. Amanda flat-out told Aaryn that the diary room has asked everyone in the house to comment on Aaryn's racism, which may or may not be the truth. The feeds cut a couple of times during this conversation, probably because the houseguests aren't allowed to talk about their diary sessions with other houseguests. But from what I got out of it, Amanda said she was trying to help Aaryn by bringing that information to her, and Aaryn still thinks this is Amanda's attempt to stir stuff up and make her look like a racist on TV.

The issue may not be over. There aren't enough beds in the house, which is probably intentional on BB's part, as it forces the houseguests to constantly rearrange their sleeping situation, and with some houseguests angry with other houseguests, the situation's more tense than ever. Candice, in particular, is upset because Aaryn flipped over her mattress (just for fun or to be mean, depending on the perspective), this led to some heated moments between Candice, Aaryn and GinaMarie, during which Aaryn mocked Candice, saying "What you gonna do girl," while snapping her fingers. And GinaMarie getting in Candice's face asking her if "you want the black to come out?" Howard intervened by literally picking Candice up and removing her from the room. Watch it below:

Flashback to about 10:53 p.m. Thursday, July 11 to see the this little spat, which was followed by a long talk between Candice and Howard.

Read our breakdown of last night's episode here.

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