"Jimmy deserved better than this."

Not too much happened in terms of plot last week but "Sunday Best," the Easter themed episode of Boardwalk Empire, was easily the best of the season. Like the six before it, the installment was still quiet, however, every thread offered a compelling self-contained narrative made even more interesting when contrasted with the other stories. Okay, so Gillian's wasn't exactly a shock or all that exciting but it was important for the HBO drama to finally put the past where it belongs and start moving forward. And besides, Gyp's busy Sunday picked up any slack, first showing him suffer through the holiday with his all female family before having to save his skin and set the stage for the big 'surprise' in "The Pony." Can this week keep up? Well, before heading to the Boardwalk, or even the bit of action that unfolds in NYC, let's catch up with with the dealings in Chicago since it seems like forever since the show was in the (Wet and) Windy City.

"Well, Mr. Mueller. If you screw as poorly as you pitch, your really should be selling dildos because your wife could aAHHHHHHH!!!"

If I'm not mistaken, the last time we were in Chicago was during Episode 5, "You'd Be Surprised," when former Agent Van Alden and his lovely Scandinavian wife snuffed out a lawman who didn't like the iron he was sold. A simple misunderstanding has put the Muellers in O'Banion's pocket and it's time to pay him back; first, by having a still set-up in their apartment and second, by working for him as muscle. The misses looks a little distraught by the set-up but, as we learn later, it's probably because they don't know as much about it as she does. Of course, moonlighting as a bootlegger suddenly gets more important after Georgie burns his, uh, memory into the minds of his coworkers. He said he couldn't sleep! What a great scene and Michael Shannon is scary as ever (that smile) but still with a soft side for Sigrid. I'm sure they'll still have to move, since he did iron a coworker's face, but not out of Cicero as she proves, as I said, super adept with distilling alcohol and has connections on the side to boot.

"Sounds like you got it all under control."

As far as the other Chicago storyline, we hadn't seen Capone since the fourth episode, "Blue Bell Boy," when he beat the life out of an O'Banion crony for making fun of our smelly friend Jake and now that Torrio is back from Naples it's finally time to settle the score. But it doesn't seem like Torrio really came back, as he's far more interesting in talking about Vesuvius and Pompeii, not to mention touting the importance of actually living ones life, than he is about business. Torrio has an odd tone about him, so it took a few scenes to see that he was actually sincere in his discussions with Capone and it looks like it's time for the old Italian to hand over the reigns. At the meet, O'Banion also picks up on the not so subtle transfer of power and his one loose tongue is suddenly a bit tied. Something tells me that the feud between these two factions isn't going to end as nicely as this conversation, especially since they almost came to blows seconds before all the Pompeii talk. Also a nice touch to have Van Alden be the only one to get the reference.

"One for her and one for me."

The last thread that's (for the most part) disconnected from Nucky's dealings this week, involves his wife. Margaret and her husband have been estranged for sometime but "Sunday Best" did an excellent job of momentarily bringing them closer together in order to really illustrate the increasing void between the man and wife. And Owen is filling it quite well. Not that way, perverts. Although, yes, that too and that serves as the connective tissue for Margaret's two threads; finding a pony with Owen and then procuring some medical supplies for Mrs. Sheerer. And herself. Her scenes open with another comedic exchange between the Sister and Dr. Mason (although, it's been a while) before once again reintroducing the troubled wife who's bleeding initially brought Margaret and Mason together to teach women's health. It turns out that was no accident and, with her husband back on the baby train, she needs some contraceptives. And, like I said, so does Margaret since she's busy shacking up with Owen while out picking ponies. How much did they both like being called folks?

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