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The Brand New Extra Gum Commercial Will Make You Cry

Every so often there’s an advertisement is put out that gives you a whole new perspective on marketing. If Mad Men taught us anything, it was that ads are far more than just selling a product, they are there to evoke feeling, nostalgia, or whatever type of message that’s necessary to help create brand recognition. Now, a brand new commercial from Extra Gum just took the internet by storm, and let's just say, it’s about far more than gum. Grab your tissues, because this commercial will make you feel all the feels.

What starts out as a seemingly cliche commercial about sharing gum, turns into an entire love story that can melt even the coldest of hearts. The “Story of Sarah & Juan” is not just a typical teen romance. It is a story about blossoming love, and memories shared, all because of a little pack of gum. The reason that this commercial is so amazing is not just because it is a touching story, but how seamlessly the product is placed as the entire backbone. Extra Gum is the first memory they shared, it’s how the resolve their fights, it is a pure sense of nostalgia that lets them see how special their relationship is. Before I continue, let us all note THIS IS A GUM COMMERCIAL.

But their relationship isn’t even the best part, and it is an adorable one at that. The best part is that the entire time the boyfriend was creating these mini masterpieces on the gum wrappers documenting their big events. Double Gum whammy. Who ever came up with this advertisement gem is on some Don Draper next level, because after we’re done wiping the tears from our cheeks, all we can do is say ‘wow’. And most of us are probably left with a face looking similar to the girl when she saw that final drawing:

In all honestly, this may not result in masses of people heading to the supermarket upon viewing to pick up a pack of that Extra minty freshness. But, it definitely serves to be a memorable commercial, and helps those who may not have thought twice about their brand of gum come up with a different type of recognition. The commercial, which was shared yesterday by Love What Matters Facebook page, has already generated over 46 million views. Who knows if creative gems like these actually help in the growth of sales (that’s a question we’d have to ask Pete Campbell), but the lovely little love story was a breath of fresh air from some of the emotionless ads out there.