Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 10 Preview: Buried

Are we still reeling from the first episode of the second half of Season 5 of Breaking Bad? Or is it time to look forward to next week's episode. The preview doesn't offer a huge amount of information as to what's ahead for "Buried" but there are a couple of things to speculate over. But first, the obvious spoiler warning. If you're not caught up on Breaking Bad through last night's "Blood Money," read no further!

The preview shows us Hank standing in front of his garage door and Walt glaring back at him from the driveway near his car. Is it safe to assume that we're glimpsing the sight of these two men walking away from each other, for now? And that's a big fat "for now" there. Given the fight they had, if neither of them ended up dead at the end of "Blood Money," it seemed likely that the feud was going to be left to simmer for the time being. And then there's the line spoken, presumably from Hank, that states, "I can be the man who caught him. The lives he's destroyed… he's a monster." Hank pursuing Walt more openly than he might have had Walt not discovered the missing book and tracking device could make for some fantastic suspense and tension between the two characters going forward. I'll also be interested in seeing whether or not Hank learns that Skyler knows, and also how Marie reacts when she finds out. Marie's relationship with Skyler has always been one of the more interesting sub-plots of the series. Just as Hank came to realize all of the lies he's been told, I expect Marie to have her own stunned reaction to realizing her sister has been withholding some major information.

And then there's Jesse. He seems to have lost it, spending his final scene in "Blood Money" tossing the titular stacks of cash from his car and into the bushes where some lucky people will inevitably happen upon it. Will that make the local news? I guess that doesn't matter. What does matter is that Jesse's having problems. He's racked with guilt over his involvement in everything that's happened. Granted, there was virtually nothing he could have done to stop Todd from shooting that kid on the bike, but it seems like that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Is there any coming back for him? Or was last night's episode just the start of a downward spiral for him? We'll have to wait and see where things pick up for Jesse, but it looks like Walt is determined to find him.

In the meantime, have a look at the final moments of last night's episode in the video below:

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