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Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 11 Preview: Confessions

Following up on another tension-filled episode of Breaking Bad, we have the preview for next week's "Confessions." As the truth continues to rise to the surface, it seems all of the characters are finding themselves buried beneath it. Fittingly enough, "Buried" was the title of last night's episode. What will Episode 11 bring? If taken literally, the title indicates "confessions," but the titles aren't always the best clues in terms of the plot. Technically, something was "buried" during last night's episode, but would any of us have guessed that the "buried" thing was money? Probably not. So I'm thinking the titular confession in next Sunday's episode won't be Jesse spilling his guts to Hank, as last night's episode cliff-hanger teased.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I do think something will come out of whatever conversation Hank has with Jesse, even if Jesse barely speaks. Maybe sitting face to face with Hank will make Jesse realize that getting caught isn't going to change anything he did. Or maybe not. It's impossible to know. But let's take a closer look at the teaser and speculate.

First, we have Walt and Skyler saying "What does he know" and "It's in the past." Is this discussion about Hank and Marie and what information these two have on them? That would make sense, as neither of them have any specifics on what exactly Hank and Marie know about Walt's business. Walt knows plenty about Hank's investigation, but I don't think he has specific information on what Hank has put together since learning Walt was Heisenberg. And they don't know how much Hank and Marie know about Skyler's involvement, though Skyler did imply that she's known for a while about Walt's business. Hence the amazing blowout between Marie and Skyler during "Buried."

Next, there's Marie saying, "There's no telling where the lies begin and end." As I'm admittedly "Team Hank," I'm glad to see that Marie isn't so blinded by her love for her sister that she doesn't see the hugeness of this situation or mistakingly trust Skyler's judgment. Just as Hank seemed to realize that the Walter White he thought he knew is not there anymore, Marie seems to have had her own eyes open about her sister.

Next we have Jesse saying "You telling me the truth. Isn't that what this is all about?" Has he moved on to a new stage of his meltdown? Who's he calling out here? We can assume Walt, but maybe it's Saul, as the attorney's voice comes next, yelling, "I never would've agreed to it if I'd known what he was gonna do. You gotta believe me." Is Saul responding back to Jesse? Or is he defending himself to Walt about something Jesse did? Or maybe it has nothing to do with that.

Finally, we have Hank growling "He's not getting off that easy." The obvious speculation on that is that he's talking about Walt, but given how last night's episode left off, with Hank about to interrogate Jesse, he might be referring to Pinkman.

As for the visuals, in addition to some seriously agitated and worried looking faces, we also got a glimpse of what appears to be a desert meet-up:

Desert Breaking Bad

What's going on there?

We'll find out when Breaking Bad returns next Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.

Kelly West
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