Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 12 'Rabid Dog' Preview Teases Jesse's Rage

The thing I love most about the Breaking Bad previews, is that they actually give us little clues about what's coming up. I say this with the maddening Mad Men previews in mind, as those usually consist of quick snippets of characters saying brief lines that are so vague, they offer no clues as to what's to come besides confirmation that the characters still exist. In the case of Breaking Bad, the 30-second preview is just the right amount of vague, without being pointless, and just the right amount of teasy without spoiling. And that brings us to the above video, and what it offers us for Episode 4 of Season 5.5. But first, let's take a moment to acknowledge that next Sunday night's "Rabid Dog" will take us to the halfway point of the second half of Season 5.

Will there be a "rabid dog" in the episode? I'm guessing yes, though I expect the title's also a metaphor. Jesse looked kind of like a rabid dog, coming down the street with his eyes full of rage. "Mr. White. He's the devil." I expect that line's tied to Jesse's feeling about Walt since figuring out the poison situation. Last night's episode had Jesse confronting Saul when he figured out that it was the attorney and his guy who helped get the poison from Jesse's pack of cigarettes. The poison then made its way to Walt, who got it to Brock, who ingested it and nearly died. That act on Walt's part was one of numerous acts we knew could come back and haunt Walt. Jesse was bound to learn the truth sooner or later, and now that he has, what will he do?

Moving on to earlier parts of the preview, we have Skyler telling someone (Walt?) "You need to deal with this," while we see Walt walking through a corridor. My first thought was that the thing Walt needs to deal with is Walt Jr., but then I remembered how things ended with Jesse last night. He was dumping gasoline all over his house. Maybe "Rabid Dog" will pick up with Jesse waiting for Walt in his house, lighter in hand.

But Walt Jr. is going to be a part of next Sunday's episode, as we saw him sitting by the phone. He's heard saying "Can you just tell me the truth?" Does Jesse's assault on the White house raise red flags for Walt Jr.? Is the kid finally starting to see that something is incredibly not right about his family situation? At this point, he's pretty much the last person to know what's going on, as I think the baby was clued in to how bad things were when her aunt tried to kidnap her.

At this point in the series, are you Team White or Team Schrader?

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