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Mad Men's two-hour premiere for Season 6 is less than a month away. AMC has released a pretty excellent piece of key art for he returning period drama, which comes courtesy of veteran illustrator Brian Sanders. The poster depicts Jon Hamm's Don Draper walking along Madison Avenue. Check it out ahead!

Mad Men is set to return for Season 6 on Sunday, April 7 at 9:00 p.m., with a two-hour episode written by series creator Matthew Weiner and directed by executive producer Scott Hornbacher. Here's the new poster, which shows Don Draper on the sidewalk, walking past… Don Draper?

The suitcase-holding man in the blue sit looks a lot like Don Draper, doesn't he? Is the poster a nod to Don's double-identity? Or maybe an identity crisis in general.

The fantastic illustration comes from Brian Sanders, a veteran illustrator who lives outside of Cambridge England. The New York Times ran a story on how Sanders was recruited to do the art for Mad Men. Apparently, Matthew Weiner was looking for something similar to commercial illustrations from the '60s and '70s he'd seen from books. When the marketing team wasn't able to come up with what Weiner wanted, they looked to the source of the inspiring illustrations and discovered that Sanders was still working. They brought him on board to create the image above, which is now being used to promote the new season.

Read more about Sanders, his work and the technique used to create the illustration here.