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British Soap Coronation Street Added To Hulu

Coronation Street, the long-running British soap that has been airing on Granada Television since 1960, is now coming to American audiences via the streaming outlet Hulu. Over 53 years, the series has featured 88 weddings and 120 deaths, as well as plenty of other drama associated with soap opera fodder. Unfortunately, Hulu won’t be offering users 53 seasons worth of episodes, but if you’d like to keep up with the current season, you are in luck.

Hulu and Hulu Plus subscribers will have immediate access to the current season, with eleven past episodes initially added to the services. Additionally, two longer “Christmas Specials” will be part of the new footage available via Hulu. If you are worried about starting the series and then getting left in the dark, don’t be. New episodes of the series will premiere on Hulu two weeks after they air in the U.K. So, while you won’t be able to backlog through years and years of old episodes, and while there will be some time delay on the new footage, two weeks isn’t really that bad, overall.

Hulu’s been really trying to beef up both original and syndicated programming recently, with new programming including Seth Meyers’ animated sort-of superhero tale, The Awesomes, a documentary mascot series called Behind the Mask, and much, much more premiering over the next year. While Coronation Street is a little soapier than a lot of the new programming, it will definitely add to the variety of programs the streaming service has to offer.

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