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While Rob Schneider’s remained a well-known name and face in the entertainment industry, he’s probably more associated with roles as a supporting actor than he is for his leading roles, Deuce Bigalow excluded. But that could be changing, should his CBS comedy prove to be successful. For those of you who were holding out hope that Rob Schneider’s CBS pilot might make it to air, there’s good news. After making some changes CBS has given the series an order, with the plan to get it on the air during midseason.

According to Deadline, CBS gave the yet-to-be-titled comedy a midseason series order, after major changes were made to the pilot’s cast. The show follows Schneider’s character Rob as he marries into a Mexican-American family. Claudia Bassols played his wife in the pilot, and Diana Maria Riva played his mother-in-law, however both were recast for the new pilot. Cheech Marin now plays Schneider’s father-in-law.

As a fan of both Marin and Schneider, I’d be willing to give this one a chance, despite the fact that it’s a multi-camera comedy, and on CBS where there seems to be no shortage of shows embracing the format (and viewers preferring it, judging by the ratings). If How I Met Your Mother has taught us anything, it’s that the format does still have its appeal, even to those of us who might prefer the more updated single-camera format taken by shows like Modern Family, Raising Hope, Community and some of the other fantastic comedy series on TV today.