"The city's under attack, must be May!"

Well said, Lance! Starling City was put in danger once again for the Season 3 finale of Arrow, but Ra's al Ghul's virus proved reason enough for Team Arrow to assemble, and for Oliver Queen to eventually choose his destiny. Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen the Season 3 finale of Arrow!

Oliver's choice was just one of a number of game-changers to play out in "My Name is Oliver Queen." We'll work our way up to that...

Atom Explosion
While trying to stop the virus, Ray Palmer had a breakthrough in the technology, which he thinks will allow the suit to miniaturize. As he's conducting the test, it seems like it doesn't work. And then it does... kind of? The suit emits blue light a split second before we see the top floor of the Palmer Technologies building explode. What happened? Did the suit miniaturize outward instead of inward? What does this mean for Atom? Will Ray survive it? (Safe to assume he will?)

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