Check Out The New Magic City Season 2 Teasers

Today, Starz published 2 brand new teasers for Magic City that, as usual, tell us nothing about the coming Season 2 episodes. Instead they use some music and a weird green coloring to show Ike—cigarette in hand, obviously—driving in his fifties convertible and walking around with swagger. If you like suits, smoking, and leather interiors, you’ll like the brand new teasers.

Starz is set to premiere its second season on June 14. That gives us a month to attempt to uncover some of the show’s brand new plotlines. Due to how Season 1 ended and how the early teasers for the series have gone, we know Ike is going to be in some pretty big trouble, probably with both Ben Diamond and the law. I’m actually a little more worried for Ike’s son, Stevie, who has embarked upon an affair with a married woman that has obviously led to no good. All of these things will have to be addressed in the new episodes and I can’t wait to see how Starz’s period drama will pan out in its sophomore season.

Other than my speculation, we do know that Magic City has signed on several new actors for Season 2. Most famously, Vegas’ James Caan is joining the cast, as is Esai Morales. If you’d like to catch up on Season 1 before the new season airs, check out our review or order a copy over at Amazon (opens in new tab).

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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