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Check Out Seth Meyers And More In Hulu's Newest The Awesomes Trailer

The brand new trailer for Hulu’s The Awesomes, is witty, well-drawn, and full of bleeped-out profanity. The show tells a story about a superhero unit that is picking up the pieces after its best and brightest leave the gang. The team is led by Professor Doctor Awesome (Seth Meyers), a guy who wants to do just as well as his father did in the superhero field. From the look of the trailer, “Prock” has his work cut out for him.

The Awesomes was created by Meyers, along with Late Night with Jimmy Fallon producer Michael Shoemaker. With that talent on board, it’s no wonder that Hulu signed on the animated comedy as a part of a slate of new programming headed to the subscription streaming service in 2013. This week, the network has plans to begin airing Moone Boy, a semi-autobiographical series written and starring Chis O’Dowd, and this fall, Hulu will unveil the documentary series Behind the Mask as well as another animated comedy called Mother Up! that stars Eva Longoria as a disgraced former music exec living in the suburbs. Some of these programs certainly have promise, but none tout the star power The Awesomes brings to the table.


The Awesomes stars Meyers, but also other SNL favorites, including Kenan Thompson as The Impresario, a superhero with magical jewels on his head and Taran Killam as Frantic, a speedy redneck. As noted prior by EW, additional characters will include Emily Spivey, who plays Concierge, Bobby Lee, who plays Sumo, and Ike Barinholtz, who plays Muscleman. Bill Hader, Rashida Jones, and Rachel Dratch are all listed as stars within the trailer, as well.

Despite all of these prominent names, I’m most excited to hear from former SNL writer Paula Pell’s character, who is set to play Gadget Gal, a former superhero who has gotten older, but thanks to a “rejuvenation ray,” has the body of young woman but the mouth of a cranky lady in her eighties. The whole thing sounds pretty bizarre, but I'm certainly stoked to see how adult superhero humor will turn out.

Hulu has currently signed on for 10 episodes of the animated series and fans won’t have much longer to wait to catch the new content. The Awesomes will premiere on August 1. However, if you happen to be heading to San Diego Comic Con this year, you’ll be able to hear more about the new TV show at the Hulu panel.

Jessica Rawden

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