Classic Game Show $100,000 Pyramid Is Getting Rebooted, Get The Details

Game shows are a genre of television which aren’t necessarily the most popular at the moment. While the golden age of game shows would have celebrities playing alongside us commoners and appearing more human, it seems that game shows as a whole are only present during daytime TV and on the Game Show Network. Well, ABC is about to change all of that by bringing back one of the most classic game shows of all time.

ABC is reviving $100,00 Pyramid as a weekly primetime ABC program for this summer. Right now, ABC is planning to produce a 10 episode first season for this reboot, and will be bringing in a fairly major star to host. 

Vulture is reporting that the upcoming host is none other than former professional athlete and television host Michael Strahan. That’s right, Strahan is going to be in yet another TV show. Since retiring from the NFL, Strahan has gone on to appear as a co-host in Kelly and Michael, as well as Fox NFL Sundays, and Good Morning America. Who needs sleep anyway?

Pyramid originally aired in 1973, hosted by Dick Clark. Originally, it was titled the $10,000 Pyramid, which makes sense for the fiscal climate of the 1970’s. As Pyramid continued to be produced, the grand prize was increased to reflect the times. So, for 2016 the game show will be appropriately titled $100,000 Pyramid

The format of $100,000 Pyramid is as follows: contestants are in teams of two. The goal of the game is to help your partner guess an answer, by listing items that would be included in said answer, or synonymous. For instance, if the answer is “Things That Bounce”, clues would be “Po-Go Sticks”, “Kangaroos”, “Basketballs”, etc. To add to the challenge, the contestant who is giving the clues has their hands strapped to their chair, so they’re unable to gesture in order to help the guessing process. Think of it like the board game Taboo, but more intense and for actual money. Check out a clip of the original Pyramid, featuring Billy Crystal.

As of now, it’s not clear if celebrity contestants will be apart of of the game plan. Typically, the contestants are one celebrity and one non-celeb. It can be assumed that ABC stars will be making appearances throughout the ten episodes. Perhaps Shondaland actors from the three dramas which dominate Thursday nights will become contestants. 

How do you feel about Pyramid returning to primetime? Sound off in the comments below. 

Corey Chichizola
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