Watch Michael Strahan Get His Fergie On During Lip Sync Battle

Last night’s Lip Sync Battle featured a standoff between two popular early morning hosts: Michael Strahan and Hoda Kotb. During the first round, they both brought enthusiasm to the table, with Hoda performing Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back,” and Strahan hilariously taking on “London Bridge” by Fergie.

While all of the early publicity has been on Hoda’s goofy but enthusiastic performance of longtime favorite “Baby Got Back,” Strahan really brings it in the first round of the competition. It’s a strange sensation to see Fergie’s strong but feminine voice coming out of the mouth of the super tall former NFL defensive end. Especially when he starts crawling on the floor and bringing a sexual element to the performance, evening engaging with an audience member who also gets in on the lip syncing.


If you’ve caught Strahan on Live with Michael and Kelly in the mornings, you should already know that he’s not above shenanigans such as lip syncing, and is a perfect fit for Spike’s competition show. He’s been known to do karaoke on his own morning show before—once even in a onesie---and he’s involved in a prank war with Hayden Panettiere. He likes to have fun, and Lip Sync Battle is the perfect forum for someone with Strahan’s personality.

Unfortunately for Strahan, following a super funky second round, Hoda Kotb was the one who ended up nabbing the Lip Sync Battle win this week. She joins a list of Lip Sync Battle winners that includes Anne Hathaway, who notably performed “Wrecking Ball” on the show, as well as Terry Crews and Anna Kendrick.

Lip Sync Battle has been a big hit for Spike. The network initially shot 10 episodes of the series, and then filmed an additional eight episodes in March to keep the fun going. Recently, the network also renewed the show for another season, so there’s a lot more fun coming our way this summer and beyond. You can catch new episodes of Spike’s Lip Sync Battle on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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