Bridesmaids' Rebel Wilson is set to appear in a number of upcoming feature projects, including Pitch Perfect and Bachelorette, which gets its theatrical release next month. But what about Matt Lucas, the man who played Brynn's brother and fellow roommate to Annie in Bridesmaids? As it happens, there's a pretty great sounding bit of casting news involving Lucas and the upcoming fourth season of Community.

Think the human beings at Greendale Community College are prepared for some Oxford education? Based on what TVLine is reporting, they're going to get some. Matt Lucas (Little Britain, Bridesmaids) has been cast in a multi-episode guest-starring role as a former Oxford professor "whose commitment to academic rigor is a challenge to the community college’s learning environment." So it sounds like the bar will be raised there, but we're also left to wonder why he's not at Oxford anymore, and what led to him joining the GCC staff. TVLine says the character's "polished exterior may be hiding a trainwreck of a personal life." That might play into his reason for the job change, as GCC is a school full of students and staff with issues in their personal lives.

Though his part in Bridesmaids was brief, like Rebel Wilson, his performance was memorable. Lucas also has a lengthy list of credits, including some British television, the part of Cousin Tom in Shaun of the Dead and Tweedledee and Tweedledum in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. I can see him fitting in (by standing out) on Community. And I'm especially interested in seeing how the study group deals with whatever academically rigorous expectations Lucas' character has set for them.

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