New Constantine Trailer Gives Us A Badass Antihero

While plenty of this fall’s comic book-related TV releases have received plenty of notice, NBC’s marketing for DC’ Constantine has been a quieter affair, featuring a few videos and a look at prolific composer Bear McCreary’s score. Now that we are three weeks out from Constantine’s official premiere, the network has released a behind-the-scenes look at the premiere, and it’s not to be missed by fans.

While most of TV’s superhero programming revolves around an upstanding hero fighting against forces of evil or a cast of upstanding heroes doing the same, Constantine has a different sort of lead. John Constantine is an anti-hero, a con man with a penchant for bad language who just happens to have the ability to take down evil forces. On network TV, Constantine will likely be stifled somewhat, with the series cutting out some of the language and the chain smoking that add to the character’s personality. Still, a cynical and snarky antihero comic book character is a welcome addition to network television and we learn plenty about the new TV character in the video.

Producer David Goyer pops up in the preview to explain a little about John Constantine, noting he’s not exactly the first guy you’d want in your corner, but unfortunately, he’s the only guy with the unique skill set to take down the forces of evil present on the show.

“These incredibly dark forces are seeping out into the world. And the one guy that can save us happens to be the last guy you would ever want to trust.”

Along with taking a look at Constantine, we get to see some of the shenanigans he will be up to during the season, which includes demonic creatures with white eyeballs, winged creatures and a poor girl who Constantine damns to hell, along with his own soul. The latter will apparently be a key motivator for the character during the first season of the NBC drama. But mostly we get to see Constantine himself being the ultimate badass antihero.

NBC is set to premiere Constantine on October 24, on the same night and as part of the same programming block as the network’s other supernatural drama, Grimm. On any other network, Friday night would be a terrible night to premiere, but NBC has built a nice niche audience around Grimm and hopefully Constantine will be able to build a similar, if not larger, fanbase.

Constantine premieres on Friday the 24th at 10 p.m. EST, following the Season 4 opener of Grimm at 9 p.m. EST. You can check out our full fall premiere schedule, here.

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