Crackle's Thriller Chosen Renewed For Season 3, Season 2 Debuts Tomorrow

It’s usually a good sign when a series is renewed before its latest season has debuted. Such is the case for Showtime’s Episodes, which was just picked up for Season 4 this week, and Crackle has given similar treatment to digital series Chosen, their thrilling action-adventure drama. The series, which airs on Crackle’s website in the U.S., centers on a deadly kill-or-be-killed “game” involving a mysterious box and people with enough to lose to be willing to kill.

Production on Season 3 will begin December 17 in Los Angeles. That’s just five days after the premiere of Season 2, which is set for tomorrow (December 12) on

The first season starred Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes) — who also executive produces — as Ian, a single father getting over a messy divorce and trying to look out for his daughter, when he’s presented with a box containing a gun and a photo of a stranger, along with the instructions to kill this person within three days. The twist — as if it needs one at this point — is that he’s not the only one playing this game. Each player is also a target, which complicates the situation enormously as Ian must struggle to stay alive and figure out how to get out of the situation, preferably without becoming a murderer.

I thought the first season was great, and on par with a worth-watching TV thriller, so don’t let the webseries element fool you there. It also has an excellent binge-watching quality to it, as each episode will leave you wanting more. I just finished watching the first two episodes of Season 2 will be as thrilling and suspenseful as Season 1, as we’re introduced to Chad Michael Murray’s Jacob Orr, the newest reluctant player in this chilling game of murder. Also among the cast this season is Nicky Whelan, Brandon Routh, Brett Davern and Sarah Roemer, along with Milo Ventimiglia, returning as Ian Mitchell.

The first two episodes of Season 2 are great, so it’s all the more reason to celebrate Crackle’s decision to push forward with this exciting, twisted drama, as it’s the kind of story that can continue on, gathering (and if necessary, removing) cast members and new character stories as the game ensues.

In addition to word that Chosen has been renewed, Crackle just announced that the network is now available on Apple TV. Apple TV is the first platform to offer Crackle’s content in HD. In addition to Chosen and other original series, Crackle offers a curated collection of Hollywood movies, and TV shows including The Shield, Seinfeld and Damages.

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