Dancing With The Stars Season 22 Is Bringing Back A Fan Favorite

We've seen contestants come and go on reality TV programs, but for most of the time that Dancing with the Stars has graced our televisions, veteran judge Len Goodman has been a part of the proceedings. He appeared in the first 20 seasons of the hit ABC reality competition series, but bowed out for Season 21, although he continued to appear on the British version, Strictly Come Dancing. During last night’s big finale episode, however, Dancing with the Stars aired a special segment featuring Goodman. During the segment, the longtime judge revealed he will be back for Season 22.

Greetings, everyone. Len Goodman here. Now I’ve been watching the show from the UK, and I must say everyone has been doing a fantastic job. Now you finalists, I want you to give it your all in these last dances. As for the pros, I’ve got a mention for you as well. Listen up: Len is coming back next season. And I don’t want any of your nonsense.

Goodman also took to Twitter, where he shared the good news.

The announcement that Goodman will be back next season is pretty welcome news, although it isn’t a huge surprise. When the man stated he was taking some time off last December, he also noted that he wasn’t going to head to America last spring to appear on Dancing with the Stars in order to spend time with his wife and son, as well as his mother who was at the hospital at the time. Thus, his decision wasn’t necessarily spun as a long-term thing. In addition, DWTS chose not to permanently replace the man, either working with three judges or signing on a guest judge each week. (Alfonso Ribeiro even popped up in the role.)

Hopefully, the fact that he is coming back should prove to be a positive for longtime fans of the ABC series. A 10 from Len has always been considered to be really high mark on the show. And while a 10 from Julianne is fine enough, it doesn’t have the ring to it that the 10 from Len always did on the longtime series.

Dancing with the Stars isn’t expected to premiere Season 22 for quite a while. The new episodes will begin airing on Monday, March 21 at 8 p.m. ET. More news, including the upcoming cast, is expected down the line. For more midseason premiere dates, check out our winter TV premiere schedule.

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