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Danny Trejo And The Brady Bunch Just Made The Best Super Bowl Commercial Ever

Snickers, a company whose ads have often been as enjoyable as their candy, is bringing the greatest commercial of all time to the Super Bowl this weekend, in a promo that makes world-renowned badass Danny Trejo one of the Brady Bunch. (If you don’t also think this is the best commercial ever, Trejo-Brady may very well kill you in your sleep.)

Calling back to one of the most memorable Brady Bunch episodes of all times – in which Marcia’s busted nose was like, the worst thing ever! – the Snickers ad envisions Trejo as Marcia after she’s hit in the face with a football. There are some obscure metaphors out there, but being “Danny Trejo with an axe” angry leaves no room for misinterpretation. None.


Of course, the living room table is the only real victim of Marcia’s rage, as the always calm Carol tells her to eat a Snickers bar, and of course that calms her right down. I always thought it was silly when Snickers’ campaigns ran around the “Hungry?” idea, since a candy bar is generally the opposite of what a hungry person should eat. But I’m intrigued by their implied claims here that a combination of chocolate, caramel, peanuts and nougat are a suitable cure for murderous vengeance. I’ll take that prescription.

And if all that weren’t enough, in pops an angry Steve Buscemi as middle sister Jan, who just HATES that Marcia is getting all this attention. The way he prissily spins around and waltzes off is one of the best pieces of physical acting I’ve ever seen from the Boardwalk Empire actor. What I really want to know is, does this commercial count as a proper Desperado reunion for Buscemi and Trejo?

I love how fluid this all looks, and it really speaks to how far CGI has come over the years. Now I want to see Archer taking on goons with Maxwell Smart, or both versions of The Flash running around together. It doesn’t have to be Snickers doing it. This is an open call to anyone who wishes to make commercials for me.

There have already been a slew of pricy ads released ahead of the Super Bowl’s airing, from Kim Kardashian getting silly to high-octane movie trailers. But I still can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

Tune in for all the football and commercials (and Katy Perry) you can handle when Super Bowl XLIX airs on Sunday, February 1 on NBC.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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