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Degrassi Next Class Trailer: Netflix's New Series Looks Outrageous But Promising

The Degrassi universe has played a role in the lives of numerous teens growing up through multiple decades. Amalgamations of the Degrassi High School universe have been around for decades, with Degrassi High airing in Canada way back in the late eighties. After the most recent version was cancelled this June, Netflix and Canadian network Family Channel announced that a new series, subtitled Next Class, will be hitting the airwaves. You can check out the excellent first trailer for the new series, below.

We do know that a lot of the characters who have been a part of Degrassi in recent years will be back for next class, including Tristan, Zig and Maya, who all show up in the trailer. As the seniors have graduated, we’ve moved on to new drama, and the trailer proves that most of that drama will revolve around Maya trying to follow her biggest musical passions at the expense of her relationship to Zig. Also, one chick is padding her butt to make it look more appealing to her potential love interest. So, there’s that.

But it’s not just romance and fun. There are some serious moments featuring the self-doubt that is inherent in many teens. And Grace looks as if she’s really sick in the trailer to the point where she may even be dying. That seems like a pretty big spoiler to give away in the trailer, so I’m pretty sure there must be more details we need to know. Degrassi has always been good about bringing the (outrageous) drama, and Next Class should stay true to form, thanks to Netflix and the character crossover.

Yes, it’s a new chapter in a lot of the character’s lives, but Netflix (and I guess the Family Channel) has always been good about staying true to tone when the streaming service has revamped a series for bingewatching. While stuff like Wet Hot American Summer and Arrested Development aren’t exactly like the originals, they maintain enough of the casts and the overall outlook of the original shows to keep pushing forward. It’s likely that Degrassi: Next Class will do the same. And since Degrassi is a series that has seen plenty of cast changes and title changes over the years, it should be pretty seamless.

Since last season saw the show hit 485 episodes and since Netflix has ordered 20 along with the Family Channel, the Degrassi franchise will celebrate its 500th episode sometime this season. You can see what the big deal is when Degrassi hits the schedule starting on January 15 on Netflix. You can check out what else is coming up at midseason with our fall TV premiere schedule.

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