"The End Begins..." If that isn't the confirmation that Season 8 is the final season, I don't know what is. But to back it up, Showtime has announced that Season 8 will be the serial killer drama's final season. Based on the two-minute sneak peek of Dexter Season 8, Deb is not in a good place after the events at the end of Season 7. That's about as vague as I'm going to be about last season, so consider yourselves spoiler-warned if you aren't caught up!

And speaking of getting caught up, the above video gives us a quick catch-up on where things are for Deb and Dexter. And by "where things are" I mean, nowhere. They haven't talked in weeks? She didn't go to LaGuerta's memorial? Seems like they had a major falling out over what happened in that trailer. And now it looks like Deb is experiencing some major regret, going as far as to say she hates Dexter and she shot the wrong person. It's well worth noting that she's clearly drinking and may be very drunk, which could explain at least some of her animosity.

Alcohol or not, what is evident is that Dexter and Deb are on the outs, and that could be a major problem, given what both of them know. By comparison to the last teaser, which consisted mainly of quick snippets interspersed with glimpses of Showtime's upcoming new series Ray Donovan, this one gives us a bit more to consider. How will Deb and Dexter's fallout affect Dexter's secret? And what's going on with Deb at her job? It seems like it'd be hard for her to avoid speaking to Dexter for weeks if they're working together. Is it possible she transferred elsewhere? Or maybe she left homicide. Just a bit of random speculation.

Dexter returns for Season 8 on Sunday, June 30 on Showtime.

Dexter Season 8

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