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The Dirty Lyrics That Were Changed For Grease Live

Before the big premiere of Grease: Live!, we learned that the Rydell High-based musical would be changing some of its more risqué lyrics in order to make them more palatable for family audiences. If you watched Fox’s big broadcast of Grease, you’ll know that some of the dialogue managed to slip through the censors. At one point, Kenickie mentioned doing it with Rizzo and that his heart wasn’t in it. To which one of his pals responded, “At least something was in it,” so it’s not as if Grease: Live! was totally devoid of the dirty jokes. Still a bunch of the musical lyrics were totally changed. You can check them out, below.

Freddy My Love

Lacy Lingerie to Bridal Bouquet

Original Line: “And I will be wearing your lacy lingerie”

New Line: “And I will be carrying my wedding bouquet”

“Freddy My Love” isn’t Grease’s most popular or dirty song, but one line about lacy lingerie was deemed unfit for primetime. Instead it was totally changed to be more about a chaste wedding day than a night in the bedroom. Again, that line about something being in it made the broadcast, but this one didn’t…

Look At Me Sandra Dee

Fongul to Be Cool

Original Line: “Hey fongul”

New Line: “Hey, be cool”

“Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee” is a song which features Rizzo poking fun at Sandra Dee’s perceived virginal qualities, donning a wig and going to town. While “lousy with virginity” totally made it in, the reference that was cut is a profane Italian phrase that was swapped out for a more mundane one.

Greased Lightnin

Shit And Tit to Making Out

Original Line: “You know that ain't no shit we'll be getting lots of tit”

New Line: “You know without a doubt I’ll be really making out”

This one’s a double whammy, with shit and tit in the same line. It’s really no shocker that Fox changed this “Greased Lightning” lyric to something less rowdy. How they made a line about making out work out is beyond me, but kudos with getting clever with the wordplay.

Greased Lightnin

Pussy Wagon to Dragon Wagon

Original Line: “You know that I ain't bragging she's a real pussy wagon”

New Line: “You know that I ain't bragging she's a real dragon wagon”

This "Greased Lightnin" line obviously was changed because the term “pussy” is not going to fly on network TV, even for a Grease broadcast. Of all of the changes that were made in terms of thinking about the families watching at home, this is the least surprising and probably the most prudent. High school musicals change the line all the time to the other usage, so it's not a big shocker.

Greased Lightnin

Chicks’ll Cream to Chicks’ll Scream

Original Line: “You are supreme, the chicks'll cream for greased lightnin’”

New Line: “You are supreme, the chicks'll scream for greased lightnin’”

As you are probably noticing at this point “Greased Lightnin” is a particularly sexual song. The “chicks’ll cream” line was the first one that was reported to be changed before the broadcast aired live, and the edit at least has the right punch to it. At least, it makes more sense than the “bridal bouquet” change, given the context of the song.

Let us know which lyrics deserved the most attention for network TV. And if you haven’t caught Fox’s production of Grease: Live!, yet, you can check out the highlights from the broadcast over at Fox.

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